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Introducing the Linde Order Picker: Now Designed and Manufactured in Charleston, South Carolina

Linde brand products are trusted worldwide when it comes to improving how your business operates.

For more than 50 years, Linde Material Handling has been developing high-performance material flow solutions tailored to individual customer needs. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, Linde has set the standard for industrial trucks, fleet management, and service offerings around the world.

In 2017, Linde Material Handling launched warehouse equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of the North American market. Now, we are proud to say that these North American designed products are also built right here in the U.S. – in Charleston, South Carolina to be exact.

The Linde Order Picker

Enhanced handling with reduced physical strain

Clear Overhead

  • Provides the operator with zero obstructions
  • Substantially increases operator confidence
  • Facilitates on-boarding

Lowest Step Height

  • Ergonomically designed with a low workspace
  • Entry point, allowing smoother transitions on and off the platform
  • Low step height decreases trips and falls
  • Keeps operators more productive and less fatigued with less strenuous movements
Linde Order Picker Linde Order Picker

Multi-function Control Handle

  • Stationary handle allows for solid 4-point stance
  • Thumb tiller for travel, reduces wrist movements
  • Keeps operators feeling attached to the truck at all times

Unique Clamp

  • Automatically clamps and centers pallets
  • Fits any stringer, ranging from 1-5 inches
  • Eliminates the need for standardized pallet or workarounds
Clear Overhead Multi-Function Handle Unique Clamp

Operators around the world trust our products, solutions, and service. Find out why:

Linde lifts have been an excellent addition to our company since 2001. We have experienced greater productivity with Linde lifts. With greater productivity, we have had greater efficiency and lower operating costs as well as lower manpower costs. The bottom line is that we handle more lumber with less lifts and less people by using Linde.

– Richard, Southeast Wood Treating, Ltd.

Most people are adverse to changing brands and remain skeptical. The quickest converts were the operators. That was a matter of days. The machine sold itself to them. Our mechanics, with years of experience, said Linde lifts have sound design and improved reliability compared to other brands.

– Jim, Ganahl Lumber Company

Making investments in Linde equipment has proven to be a profitable decision, producing maximum production, while reducing total per hour cost to own and operate the equipment. Our plant operates 7 days a week, utilizing a 3-shift system. There is virtually little to no down available for equipment issues. All the equipment has performed over and above our expectations.

– Matthew, Honda Precision Parts

With the use of the Linde electric lift trucks, we have not witnessed any loss of performance over the combustion trucks we had; we are using “Green” equipment in our shop contributing to a clean and more sustainable environment; and our employees now enjoy purified air to breathe with cooling units for the hot summer days.

– Philip, Great Lakes Castings

There was a reduction in fuel and tire costs. The service support supplied by the local dealer has been exceptional. The longer than industry standard maintenance schedules have decreased maintenance costs. Machine uptime has been at a higher level than previous machines we have used in the same application. We would definitely recommend Linde products.

– Vido, Nechako Lumber Company

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